Resources for Career and Technical Education for Women in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Information Technology




Skills Training for Women in Nontraditional Occupations




General Resources

  • Job Training Success Project: Institute for Women’s Policy Research
  • Career counseling and skills workshops for single parents and individuals enrolled in non-traditional programs of study: Northeast Community College New Beginnings Program
  • Women’s Institute for Leadership Development in the Labor Movement Mentoring Program and Annual Summer Institute
  • Network and mentorship program: Texas Women in Trades
  • U.S. Department of Labor Clearinghouse for women in nontraditional careers: Women Build, Protect, and Move America Portal
  • Wider Opportunities for Women’s (WOW) Pink-to-Green Toolkit: resources and tools on recruitment, curriculum, case management, and retention focused on women (in green and other nontraditional jobs)
  • Center for Energy Workforce Development & Hard Hatted Women WISE Pathways: Toolkit for Recruiting and Retaining Women in Non-Traditional Positions and Workshop Materials
  • Reaching New Heights: Promising Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Students in Career and Technical Education Programs That Are Nontraditional for Their Gender (Report)
  • Career Pathways for Women and Girls; Strategies to attract Women and Girls to Emergent and Nontraditional Occupations and Industries (Report)
  • Gender Equity Expert Panel: Exemplary & Promising Gender Equity Programs, 2000 (Report)
  • LEP Guide for Workforce Professionals-how to best serve limited English proficiency population
  • APEC Women in Transportation Forum Discussion Group Summary
  • Dialogue for Women in Blue-Collar Transportation Careers Final Report
  • ILO’s Promoting the employment of women in the transport sector- Obstacles and policy options (Report)
  • How to Attract and Engage Female Truck Drivers (Article)
  • Resources for increasing women in STEM: Women in STEM Knowledge Center


Professional and Trade Organizations, Associations, and Unions:

Narrow the Wage Gap through Access to Good Jobs

Half of the gender wage gap is due to women working in different occupations and sectors than men. Improving women’s access to good middle-skill jobs can help close the wage gap and improve women’s economic security.

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